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Jurassic World Alive: Spawn Guide(website)


First off apologies if this is in the wrong section(feel free to move it)
I have created a website which tells you what dino’s spawn where and in which zone etc. It is not fancy or anything big but I used to always had to go to Metahub and then zoom in on the images etc, this did get a bit annoying most of the time.
Anyway I hope this can be of some use and if you notice anything out of place or would like to see things added, please do comment below and I’ll take all ideas into consideration.


looks good thankyou very much!!

i noticed two things while visiting.

  1. ouran wasnt listed as a bank nester.
  2. there is a duplicate for triceratops under nests.

everything else looks great. no need to zoom in. its all there just have to scroll up and down. i like it.


Thanks very much, I have fixed both issues.
Also Parasaurolophus is missing which I will add later on.

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Nice! Enjoyed reading!
You already know I checked Erliko and Baryonyx first!


Thank you, this is great and very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:


very very nice, maybe if you can distribute the dinos according the rarity. And again very nice, keep it simple!!


By this do you mean via search?


Well done. It’s good looking and informative. :+1:


i mean the order in all the areas


Thanks I got you now, this will be added to the todo list. Thanks


Currently taking feature requests.Please feel free to request any ideas you have.