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Jurassic World alive suggestions


Ok, my suggestions are a little more basic, but I believe it would make the game more enjoyable.
1: The name of the dinos should be under their name in my team and my collection.
2: We should be able to place our dinos into our own groups that we form. We can catergorize as we see fit so we can monitor the ones we may be interested in moving into out team.

Thank you,
Ricky Lynn


3 - It would be cool if we could compare our Dino stats with the others in our collection, so we can compare their speed, special abilities and decide which one is better.

4 - a buddy system like Pokémon Go.

5 - Eggs. There are Dino eggs on the movies, but none on the game.

6 - Please, make us earn cash when we spin supply drops. I’d never received cash, all I got is (a ridiculously little) amount of coins.

7 - There should be balance on the coins we spend to evolve the Dinos. There’s a moment that the game turns itself into a pay TO PLAY.


I’d like to see:

  • Incubator times decrease when you are moving so as to have an added incentive to get out walking or cycling.

  • Arena levels to be based on the levels of the dinosaurs used. For instance, level 1 of the Arena would only allow dinosaurs of levels 1-5, level 2 would be 5-10… something like that, so that we can replay earlier levels without stomping the newer players with massively overpowered dinosaurs. Plus it would allow us a chance at getting the incubators for that level again.

  • Please reduce money costs on purchasing things. I don’t mind spending a little cash on incubators but I can’t afford to spent £50 GBP to buy one. It currently just favours players with disposable incomes.

  • Although it might be a tough idea to implement I’d like to be able to buy specific rare, legendary and unique dinosaur incubators at a reasonable cost compared to the idea of going out looking for them. I’m all for going out looking but some (like the T Rex) I haven’t seen for weeks.


Personally, I think there should also be items that you can use to greatly increase your chances of generating more DNA when creating hybrid DNA. This would be something you could rarely get from pokestops and would give you anywhere from a 5-15 min buff of varying strength(same common, rare, epic system in place for lures).
It would be a great incentive to encourage players to hold off on fusing until they are using the buff and do it all at once.
Another possibility to help people who can’t pay as much for the game is to reward them coins for moving. Like say for 5 km you get 5 k gold coins. Like achievements that actually encourage excercise, since it should deactivate when the player gets the whole “you’re moving too fast” message.


They would need to make the gps more reliable. I often get the “moving too fast message” while walking, sometimes when I’m not even moving.

Anytime the gps warps a distance it thinks you’re moving and and pops a warning.