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I would love to have a way to pick several separate teams in advance for different challenges! Then, activate the battle team with the best chances to win the current challenge without taking away modifications from the active roster.
Friendly challenges are a great example! Why, you would anyone not change up your team? Trophy level never gets lowered! The only handicap is not having an opportunity to switch up your team to beat that player.
The discussion about whether these challenges should reward trophies, etc. We all have opinions on this matter too! Example: A 1,998 player can beat a player at 5,000 in a friendly challenge RARELY but just CAN’T to ever BE out of the jungle for good reasons who wants to be in “bad lands” lol. ITS NOT RIGHT! BUT ITS AMAZING!! The win and the point of being stuck in quick sand everytime you battle with no uniques. They do not spawn in my lawn. They do not spawn at dawn. They do not spawn til u yawn or commons just do not belong together until they credit is enough to buy a house. Lol
I’ve seen players complain the number of dinosaur changes made during the friendly challenge. You do not need a unique to beat the high level players in a friendly, if your allowed time prior to really challenge it. This is why having a few friends to challenge is a best way to get the opportunity to really use what you learned from studying these dinosaurs and learning about how they survived, etc…When you keep trying to win, but the game says “go out & get more DNA” [GIF] makes me feel :thinking: like this is not reality so why am I being treated like an intern? I didnt apply? so was I picked? Thankfully, there’s nothing available on the map!! I spend money, monthly member too. This is negative results @ludia. I can’t get a better arena dinosaur with everything you could possibly equipped me. The # of attempts vs. direct hits? That’s a battle. Not a challenge. If you can only dart one time get 7 darts off at 20 it doesn’t give u the 250 or more to get a unique.
I have no problem going for a walk or drive but not other countries on a daily??? This is my current position with a year of daily dedication to the development in this game.
I don’t know or care how this is being conveyed. I just hope the readers can understand my use of grammatics and sarcasm to get the point of all of it.
Lastly, for example, when traveling, as a passenger, it can prove difficult to dart or even get a supply drop fast enough unless you can get a ticket for driving under the speed limit. This game causes more road rage! Some people have real places to go and get pissed when u are in street or park standing there like a "weirdo… not driving then…Owen pop up! “slow down” he’s looking at you like it’s okay to play & drive. He’s got your back but you need to calm down a little bit. The police/rogue dinosaurs will hear you, see your blinker to pull over safely, dont start a track jam or accident to get an epic that spawns just a second to tap it or it’s gone!! The supply drops spin & spin & u cant move on yet til u tap tap tap. Collect, collect, and collect but it never enough. Certainly not worth traveling for at this point. This game is great but it’s just not for some people? Thus, why only certain people? Example: Pink players? I get it. Owen is a liability but he always seems to come through when he’s teamed up. NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY THIS BESIDES MY 4YEAR OLD HE CANT DRIVE OR PAY ATTENTION TO AND FROM TO GET SOMETHING TO MOVE UP.
I love my children. I love dinosaurs and learning about them. I appreciate all the work that Ludia has put into this game. No Drone zones are posted on street signs in my area.

This will be my first & last time posting. I don’t have the time for essays & discussions with no leadership. Everything I’ve read on this site boils down to the appropriate response to leveling up. It’s really not fair. But lifes not fair. Enjoy the rest of it. Dont bother being mean, be uplifting, give it your all but don’t sacrifice what really matters.


I just want a Apatosaurus nerf.


Nerf Baryonyx.

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Nerf them all hahahaha

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biggest nerf of all, nerf dimorphodon’s attack