Jurassic World Alive: Tournament Themed Teams Videos

Hello guys !

Recently, I’ve started a series on Jurassic World Alive on tournaments using teams with specific themes. Each week will have different themes for the most part.

This series was inspired by IDGT902 and @practicekat

Thank you !!!

Boost Tournament Part 1: The Birds, The Bees and the Chicken

Boost Tournament Part 2: Nostalgic Resilients; Sauropods, Stegosaurids and Pachycephalosaurids

( actually themed )


These are pretty good! Although while using Scaphotator, you could have utilized the swoop DOT ability to swap in to other creatures.


Haha lol didn’t really think of it much. Maybe I’lll utilize that the next chance I get to use him :slight_smile:

If you do have any team suggestions leave it down below.