Jurassic world alive unique battle Tryko VS Thor

Do you think tryko or thor is better

I say tryko

  • Tryko
  • Thor

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Although I have both at lvl 30, Tryko is so much more useful. I’ve won so many more battles when he is on my team…

its basically unfair to compare one of the weakest unique to one of the strongest!

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No it’s not and both actually have their uses, Thor just has low life for a chomper, but IC and that DSR is nice

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It depends whether you like a dino who can perform amazing damage turn 1 or a dino that can stay alive as long as you play it right

I don’t have either but from what I see in the arena, Tryko stands its ground way better against most of the meta. But bring a Spyx to it and it’ll likely bleed out.

At the cost of spyx, if you can, get tryko

I wouldn’t give up spyx, he’s my answer to Thor, Erlidom, Tryko, and sometimes Dioraja and Christmas Chicken, or saves against the longnecks. Oh yeah, he also sometimes beats magnas slower than 145. Plus Tryko would break the rule of “no sharing of DNA between team members”, which would end up slowing down progression.

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As much as I like Thoradolosaur, there is just something with Tryko that makes Tryko superior.

In terms of PVP roles, they’re both pretty useful. :slight_smile:


Well I don’t fight trykos that I don’t get a turn on. I think boosted Thor is better. I can counter tryko easier than Thor. Thor usually gets a crit and almost kills me turn 1 turn 2 has instant and 3 rampage. Always faster too so it just eats my team even if it’s distracted. My best chance is cloak rampage with Erlidominus.

No I meant at the cost of spyx in that battle

But what’s your team?

My team is shenanigans.

If you want tryko that bad I’d say rinex

Of course it’s totally up to you, watch a few YouTube vids before you make up your mind

I never said I want Tryko. I said if I had to choose between Thor and Tryko, I’d pick Tryko.

I noticed that, but it would do well one your team especially with that Kapro of yours

Not really dealing enough turn 1 damage to work with Kapro, and often wouldn’t get to deal turn 2 full damage. Rinex works well as I tend to rampage out with it (works against Trykos the most, because they get fooled by the IC, then the rampage takes a good chunk of HP even if distracted, then Kapro lands). Also Rinex takes the longnecks by surprise.

Thor beats tryko, but tryko is so much better because it can fight the sauropods. Now I will say that thor does better with the mammoth hybrids

Tryko beats thor cause the instant distract then rampage, if thor uses instant charge tryko can use instant distract again

No. It’s a 50/50, but more in Thor’s favor (like with procerath vs Indom gen 2). Thor goes impact, then IC, but tryko uses distract turn 1. Thor can crit on the impact and IC and get the takedown, or it can predict the distract and go impact when tryko distracts, then win with rampage

Well yeah true 50 50 but most of the time thors be kinda dumb and goes rampgade then tryko goes for distract. When he do that instant charge and not get it but i guess thor has a chance