Jurassic World Alive - Welcome Back Missions Disappear on Day One

Hi folks,

I recently signed back into JWA and got access to a chain of daily missions that are supposed to last 60 days, but after my first day the missions disappeared.

When I click on the dedicated ‘Welcome Back’ button on the right, I no longer get taken to my daily missions but rather a promotional screen offering me two ‘passes’.

Is this intentional? I’m on day two and I would really like to be able to overview the daily requirements. I left because of the overwhelming amount of paid coercion, now I’m locked out of my ‘Welcome Back’ missions because of a promotional pop-up.

Kind regards.

Hi there KaiserZandrich. If restarting your game doesn’t help, could you please email our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key included? They’ll do their best to assist!

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