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Jurassic world alive's old days

Who remembers the old days in Jurassic world alive.

No boosts
No woolly rhino
No tournaments
No swap in
No alliances
No Thordor
No scents
No raids

A time when gaming beaver wanted to leave the game and hackers were still a thing and the max trophies was 5000 and the last arena was Sorna marshes.

Which do you prefer

  • Old jwa
  • New jwa

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As much as Ludia has added many flaws to this game I generally think it’s improved. More creatures to grind for is always welcome and keeps the game from getting old. Alliances are awesome and help you meet and help other JWA fanatics. Raids are generally fun.

Many problems have arose but I can look past it by some of the awesome features Ludia has added. Hope to see many more in future updates!


There have been a lot of great additions to the game. I’d say more positive things than negative things.

I’ve never been a fan of the Cenozoic creatures. Not because swap in rhino is annoying but because I like dinosaurs and want more of those. No pigs, dogs, lions, rhino, turtles…just more Dinos please.

Alliances are great. It’s been a real game changer. It comes with all sorts of resources to level up your team faster. From donations, missions, and sanctuaries. All great things. Not to mention the communities that have been created and friends made through discord.

Tournaments have been a great addition too. They provide the best rewards in the game currently. It’s not only the best for you, but the best for your team. You can unlock a free unique, finish unlocking, unlock and level up, or finish maxing, or level up a unique. Super awesome feature. It’s also a break from the dreaded arena so many complain about. A themed event where you test your skill in skill tournaments as well as your skill with boosting.

Raids are my least favorite addition. I hate them so much. Seems so many people really enjoy them and that’s great. I just choose to not do them. I haven’t raided gorgo in many weeks and it’s prevented me from unlocking it. It’s the last creature I need. I just need to do it and be done. Again though, it’s a different event away from arena where people can work together for a nice reward.

Scents are a great addition. Not sure why anyone would be upset about scents. Just sucks when you have too many and need to use some before defeating a tower or spinning supply drops.

I just get so burnt out on battling. I hate it and have never got enjoyment out of it. I wish there were more events that were for hunting or darting. Enough with the battle stuff already.


Does anyone remember when it took 100 Dna to unlock epic and higher?

I’ve been playing since launch and I loved the old days when me, my wife and son would walk around Gloucester and the Cotswolds every day collecting DNA. It was very much a single player game back then, but we would compare our teams every day, and get excited as we built our teams.

It was a few months before we could beat the harder strike towers, and epic dna was hard to come by, but the grind was real and we loved it.

Fast forward to today and you can get to where it took us six months back then in a month! And all from the comfort of your favourite armchair! The game is so much easier to progress quickly now. Alliances are great, raids are fun, weekend tourneys suck, and pvp is a nightmare but I still love this game.

I will say it’s as good now as it was back then so I can’t say on the poll. It’s very different with aspects that are way better now and other parts that are worse.


well… on one hand, no boosts is a wonderful proposition…
but those other things suck

uggghhhhh idk

No boost is wonderful ??? Speedties : im gonna ruin your match…h3h3h3

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there’s been a lot of good added to the game. something for everyone. execution hasn’t always been the best, but for the most part it’s been positive.


Who remembers the 1 creature dino of the day everyday


The game was pretty simple back then. No strikes, sancts, or raid bosses on the map, just supply drops to spin (and you had to be right on top of them to spin them!) and dinos to dart. I joined during Canadian beta, so for a short time we had to collect drone batteries from supply drops in addition to darts – that was awful. You could also watch an ad to spin supply drops a second time, and I was always annoyed when I accidentally hit that while on limited mobile data. You couldn’t walk away, either, because if you got out of range of the drop (your inner radius), you couldn’t spin it again and you’d watched an ad for nothing.

I liked it when strikes were added, but you had to be right on top of them to do them, so I had quite a few days where I was sitting outside in the middle of winter, freezing my fingers off trying to finish a multi-step strike!

As for the arena, the raptor meta was pretty fun. Battles were certainly over quick! You could 3-0 someone with just a raptor.

I’m pretty unhappy with the state of the arena now, but Ludia has added a lot of great things to the game since I started playing. Drops and strikes that you can reach from anywhere in your range, themed event weeks, alliances, sanctuaries, raids, the campaign, achievements… there’s so much more to do now.


From old Gaming Beaver videos I saw the Pre-Launch days.

Nothing shattered shields, unless you had Nullify Invincible really meant invincible. T-Rex had all armor piercing attacks.

Stegoceratops was a needed staple with it’s 2 stunning attacks (it’s base strike had a 10% stun) and unique move Velocity Strike (Minimal Speed up except with a Delay, Cooldown, and Priority).

It really was a very simple system where certain dinos everyone used and only one or two could beat them.

Keep in mind your enemy can cloak and avoid 100% of all damage from you 3 times in a row because you have no dinosaur with Nullify. If you want boosts gone you gotta accept nothing but nullify removing a 100% dodge cloak. I’d fill my team with a bunch of cloakers.


yeah, raids are fun as long as u have people to fight bosses with…I haven’t been invited for a single apex raid

Just cause raids are fun for u, doesn’t mean everyone else enjoys it

You do realize he said generally fun, not the everyone enjoyed them. He never stated that he thinks that, just he usually finds raids fun.


ofc the biggest players can find anything fun cause they’ve got the best creatures, best rewards and they sweep everything in the game…how can that not be fun?

I think that since launch the game has 100% improved and ludia should get a little credit for that. While there are many flaws with this game (boosts, PVP, unbalanced creatures,etc) it still has improved over what it once was. For me it give me a reason (when I can) to leave my house and to go out more then I do (in my car of course, stay safe!). I do love this game and think the the addition of sanctuaries, raids, alliances and new creatures have definitely kept people in the game for a 1-2 months at the least. While I do enjoy looking back at old YT videos of the game, I certainly think that were the game is now is better. Lastly despite the flaws and bugs, it’s a good game with good intentions and if you think it’s not fun, it’s ok, ITS A GAME!!!, after all.


Well in there defense. They have worked for it and played for a long time to get that point. They didn’t just download the game and BOOM instantly had everything.


ah yes well u do realize that the devs of this game have been constantly ignoring our calls and problems…and let me just be clear, the majority of this fanbase have real money to spend on it and get further…whereas I do not and I have still managed to somehow get better

The arena is a total trashbin of a mod and I haven’t done a raid in the past 5 months…this game isn’t fun the way u say it is. Alliances keep chucking out people just cause their “team” ain’t strong enough. Facing overboosted dinos in the arena is fun??

There are many uniques that need exclusive DNA to level up…when Ludia ignores the problems of this game and gives us trash DNA as rewards, how do u expect people to get better at this game?

Oh and they have known about the rage that boosts bring to this game, and they still ignore it. How on earth is that “working hard”?

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Back when ceratopsians were good. No rhinos. No pigdogs. No dimes.

Well if you want to complain a lot. I got a simple solution.

STOP PLAYING. If you don’t think it’s fun, you don’t have to convince others and keep saying it.

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