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Jurassic world alive's old days

ah, yes. back when everything and their mother didn’t have stun resist and stun was to be feared.

lol u should be thanking me…atleast I’m warning people in advance that they’ll risk losing their sanity and break their wallets while playing this game

warning forum users who for the most part have been around a long time in the game? what for? would’t that warning be better served as a review on the app stores?


Again, in your opinion. If you want to get really intense then yea I can see if being annoying but for me (a free to play, player, that’s in the high aviary and low library and been playing for less then a year) I don’t think it’s that annoying. There are times were I get mad. But then I stop playing and get of. Then come back to later to enjoy the game. Also @Qiew is right. Very few of us are new players.


I’ve been around since launch and I loved old alive especially the time when only parks held DTD and I remember living in my apartment and we went to the canal and we always caught creatures.

I definitely prefer the old days pre-Draco and SIA. Alliances, tournaments and raids have definitely made the game better. However, the PvP arena has gotten progressively worse with boosts and increasingly annoying SIA meta.

yeah i would sometimes walk outside really late for that epic strike, probably was risky but i didn’t wanna miss it. i also played during canadian beta got some far ish ? 11s-16s. then saw they added pteros so i wanted to restart and try them (sadly they were weak and still are to this day) though alanqa was pretty good

When did Stegoceratops have Velocity Strike, and when did it get something else instead?

It was before launch

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Ah ok. Do you know which move it was replaced with?

All you need to play this game is time. It’s all about how much you are prepared to grind.

Personally don’t like raids, cause are boring and apex ones mostly too long. Though still raid every day. Many times multiple same raids, just to help alliance team mates.

Game is playable without spending any money.

Pvp was broken with 2.0 update. Though there are still other good things in game.

I think greater stunning strike I’m not 100% sure but you can watch gaming beavers old jwa videos to see. Maybe around ep. 15-20

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Or annoyed by Alanqa swap-in invincibility when you had Indominus Rex loaded and queued up for shattering impact hit…


I hated alanqa back then

Who remembers this


a yes, I wasn’t around for when this was still a thing, but I’ve seen enough videos and images to have it in my memory, I do like how horrifying and beastly looking this thing was, and i am kinda glad they changed it to fit the jw website render too

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Did cenozoic creatures change the game a lot?

  • Yes
  • No

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I feel like “ruin” is a strong word. Even if you don’t care for cenozoics, even if you’re a dinosaur purist (although technically non-dinos and even cenozoic creatures like Purussaurus have always been in the game), seeing a Smilodon in your dinosaur game could never “ruin” the experience as much as something like bad matchmaking, an unbalanced arena, bugs, etc.


Ruin might be the wrong word but what if we changed ruin to “mess up” or "Change "