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Jurassic world camp cretaceous season 3 update

Since they’re have been so many news surrounding camp cretaceous i say there is a big chance that we get an update for it.

Animals :
Albertosaurus (common)
Ceratosaurus gen 2 (common)
Pteranodon gen 2 (common
Cryolophosaurus gen 2 (rare)
Mamenchisaurus (rare)
Ceratosaurus (epic)
Gallimimus gen 2 (epic)
Cryolophosaurus (epic)
Sarcosuchus gen 2 (epic)

Hybrids :
Scorpius rex

Legendary non hybrids :

Bumpy, toro and parasaurolphus lux emotes

Edit : besides ceratosaurus none of these dinosaurs aren’t officially confirmed yet. They’re only confirmed by the toys for the camp cretaceous line they got. Scorpius rex is by some leaks the name of E750 the mysterious frozen creature but we don’t know anything about it. It could also happen to be an apex creature and not a hybrid


Very nice ideas!!!

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I don’t like how you made the Ceratosaurus a rare


If you are going to make bumpy as a character you should make baby bumpy and adult bumpy

how is this?

I would say adult bumpy as a character and baby bumpy as a emote or April fools joke boss

Well i agree but if we are getting a gallimimus gen 2 wich is possible we can’t have 4 epics in one update

Nice but diabolus rex soubds more like a name of a s hybrid

I’m gonna make a rare crylophosaurus gen 2 and pteranodon gen 2 so ceratosaurus can be a epic

My hybrid choices would be :
Postolophosaurus = postosuchus + cryolophosaurus
Koolasaurus = sarcosuchus gen 2 + koolasaurus
Ceranodon = ceratosaurus gen 2 + pteranodon gen 2
Mamenchilophus = mamenchisaurus + parasaurolphus lux
Ceratomimus = ceratosaurus + gallimimus gen 2
Ceralophosaurus = ceratomimus + cryolophosaurus gen 2