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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Anyone watching this yet?

I’m halfway through the season and I gotta say I am really enjoying it. The story runs parallel with Jurassic World and there are lots of nods to the source material. Good to see a lot more on screen Indominus too.
One major cameo so far although not sure it it’s the original actor voicing.

Dino and world animation is terrific, human not so much but not dreadful either.

Yeah it’s a kids show and yeah there are more than a few “why would you do that’ moments but overall I think this is a great addition to a franchise that I love and know so well.


I watched it already, it was pretty good. Apparently indy can speak to carnotaurues meaning she is part carno. I won’t give any spoilers but I don’t think the kids know that indy is dead.


I mean, it’s IS part carno, it’s one of its ingredients


wait, really. I didnt even know that. maybe theyll go back to the lab and find out.

I don’t have Netflix but I hope to see it soon.


Indy is made of creatures of different dna so it is in the movie, in Jurassic World Alive it uses only 2 components because this is the way to create it in the game.


I knew that, just didn’t know about carno. It’s made up of ankly, giga, rex, raptor, cuddlefish, a pit viper, maybe human and osme others i forget.

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Yeah, watched it yesterday. Really liked it, and I look forward to the next season. I wasn’t expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Also, very minor spoiler alert


I watched it and liked it a lot! Can’t wait to see what’s next


I watched it this morning. I really enjoyed it. I’m lookin forward to seeing a second season.


Nooooo! No spoilers!
I actually haven’t read a single reply here yet. Hopefully the show is good.


I thought it was pretty good (at least better than the tragedy that is fallen kingdom). I would definitely recommend it.


If only indy survived, she’s part cuddlefish meaning she can go cloak and breathe underwater. Her death makes no sense.

Ok, that’s literally nonsense

maybe but its possible.

To quote Dr Wu…

Cuttlefish genes were added to help her withstand an accelerated growth rate. Cuttlefish have chromatophores that allow the skin to change color.

That is different to engineering a creature to breathe underwater. Besides, the Mosasaurus would have been big enough, strong enough and dominant in it’s environment to deal with Indominus.

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Speaking of carno: hopefully most of you know what coming next.

Spoilers so don’t look here if you haven’t watched the whole series

Spoilers/ revelation

Seriously spoiler warning

So we know that Toro (which is Spanish for bull) got basically blown up at the end of the last episode and became darker in color than other carnos due to the explosion basically partially cooking him alive or just burning him.

Now I like to pull your attention to the end of JWFW remember at the end when ummmmm, hang on… (searches through google) Mills ya him. Remember when he gets up from under the car and well get up sent to a better place look at the color of that carno
A dark almost burnt like color but wait a minute

Is that…


Yup a scar that is almost the exact same shape and in the exact same place as toros

Now the only problem is the size as we see toro is not that big compared to the kids and yet this carno is nearly rex size

Just something that I thought of yesterday while binge watching the series, but i think toro will survive the series and make into FK then get shipped to the mainland


Don’t forget I think she broke her leg or was it her ankles after jump away from mossie but hey the plot armor is strong with this one

Watched and enjoyed it considering the plot holes and indestructible children. How did none of them break a bone!

Biggest annoyance was they took the film Dino models and put them in completely different style which made it look weird

Also based on Indoms rampage JW must have been built by cowboy builders. The buildings never even put up a fight

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Thanks for clearing that for me