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Jurassic World Central Command Center - Set GPS Jump-To Location


Central Command would be a physical location we would set that we can go to any time we are playing. It could be our home, work, or some location in the middle of a town.

How it works:

We would physically go to a location and set that point as central command and a JWA Command center building would appear in that spot on our map.

At any time we can ‘pop over’ to Central Command and grab any drops or dinos that are there from what ever location we are playing. When we are done we just ‘pop back’ to our real location.

The benefit of this is that many of us are stuck living and working in one local zone and can’t get to other locals for certain dinos we need. Say I need Postosuchus or Stegosaurus to build the dino I want so what I do is go to the zone or a park and set up Central Command in that park and then go home or to work. At any time I can pop over to Central Command and dart any dinos or grab any drops in reach and then return to my location when done.

Another benefit is that if there are no strike towers in reach there may be a chance the tower we need is in reach from our set Jurassic world central command center.

A third benefit is we can pop to central command and use scents in hopes to get the dino’s we are wanting.