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Jurassic world colo cretaceous season 3, an image from e750

e750 seems to be a new indiminus rex …

Its a scorpius rex, the toys are already out.


Indominus Rex Gen 3.

So the question is what will it’s components be?

I can’t wait too …

the series is released on May 21, 2021.

if he releases an indiminus rex gen 3 it will be called (e750) and it would take two basic dinosaurs because otherwise it is not a hybrid …

If Ludia makes Indominus Rex Gen 3, I will firstly say I won’t be surprised and secondly it was revealed E750 is something in between the Indominus and Indoraptor.

Even now I wish they added the Lost World Buck Tyrannosaurus and the JP3 Velociraptor to the Game but they already used up the Gen 2 quota.

Scorpius Rex will be a Hybrid, it will be interesting to see how they would add it to The Game and in what way will said Hybrid be created.

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Maybe Pulmonoscorpius?

Just because it’s called scorpius doesn’t technically mean that he has scorpion dna. Indominus for example is just named that way so probably same thing here. I know that there is a leak where he has a scorpion stinger but that could just because of genetic like the paras bioluminesence or indominus camouflage


I mean Indominus has the camouflage because of squid dna so if scorpius has a stinger it probably has scorpion dna.

Yes he definitely has scorpion dna but he is not half indominus / prehistoric scorpion