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Jurassic world dominion official thread

I was thinking since there is a camp creteous thread
All member can update with news for dominion at any time

Battle of the big rock, teaser:

Another small teaser:

and here are a few shot on set:Jurassic World: Dominion Halts Filming After Positive Coronavirus Test -  VarietyNew Jurassic World 3 Set Photos Show What It's Like Shooting During a  Pandemic

Jurassic World: Dominion' Wraps After 100 Days & 40,000 COVID Tests –  DeadlineTrevorrow Teases a Return to Isla Sorna in New Set Picture from 'Jurassic  World: Dominion' | Jurassic Outpost


Battle at big rock was amazing :+1:


I know and colin teased something new to come soon to prepare people for the movie, might be june 10 because it would be exactly one year before dominion here is a video to explain better


here is an article about it too:https:

I’m very exited for this… Big fan of Jurassic World movies srill watching the battle at big rock right now.

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Me too, I have a big fan of the saga like my parents before, I watch all the movie at least 5 time so yeah, also battle of big rock was probably alone better than most movies I have seen(exept jurassic park franchise)

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A lystrosaurus!

ho, I was right, a lystro! so cool, he’s a mamalian reptile, he looks like a mini protoceratops, his wiki page has already been released.

This proves that dinos catch Corona too, they are wearing masks.


giganotosaurus will also be in the movie. There is a leaked animatronic

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I hope camp cretaceous dinosaurs like ouranosaurus, monolophosaurus, para gen 2 maybe even bumpy show up. Trevorrow even confirmed that the show will somehow tie into dominion


I wonder if we get other palaeozoic animals in dominion as well like gorgonopsids and perhaps dimetrodon


would you have a picture of the giganotosaurus, it’s my favorite carni with the carno …

There are already videos about it on YouTube

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Jurassic World 3 dominion LEAK!!!!!! Giganotosaurus design revealed major  spoilers - YouTube
here it is @Blacksaber


Whow,Thank you!

Yep. My theory is that he could force a spino/rexy/blue team up

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I knew exactly what it was when I saw it, Played alot of ark before

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Oh wow it literally says DON’T SHARE THIS PLEASE and you did :rofl: :rofl: hope they won’t find out :rofl:


I wonder if they’re gonna redesign giga or just add him as giga gen 2

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