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Jurassic world dominion official thread

Don’t expect all of them. A lot of toys recently have released that aren’t ever in any movie or camp Cretaceous. But I would like to know what mirror Dino is since it’s clearly hidden. Only thing I think of is Oone of blues siblings but I very heavily doubt it

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I don’t expect all of them. Maybe some could be in like a short cut similar to mamenchisaurus and corythosaurus. The movie already has a astonishing number of 10 new animals with giganotosaurus, oviraptor, quetzalcoatlus, moros, atrociraptor, pyroraptor, iguanodon, dreadnoghtus, Lystrosaurus and therizinosaurus (although moros is the only one by now confirmed to have a mordern day scene) . And like as said before there were also many toys in the fallen kingdom line that never made it into the movie . And let’s also not forget the potential return of other old creatures like dilophosaurus, apatosaurus and pachycephalosaurus

Exactly what I was thinking

10 is already a pretty decent number. My best guess is we could maybe get a new marine reptile and another palaeozoic but that’s it

Maybe a few more

Haven’t seen an image including Lystro other than the one with the mask. Where is he/she? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s the only picture of it

Some new dominion toys for blue, atrociraptor, pyroraptor and moros were revealed and if that’s really moros final moddel he’s some serious competition for dilophosaurus. And there’s also a miragaia and a Dsungaripterus but those are probably won’t be in the movie

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I saw those in a vid but u got a link?

Got a pic of moros?

Nope. I haven’t found any