Jurassic World Dominion: The Trailer Is Out!

Fallen kingdom trailers looked awesome but the movie wasn’t that great haha. Parts were but it seemed close to TLW

I’m so excited for pyroraptor and therizinosaurus! I love feathered dinos!


I hope this means Giga comes to JWA soon (-:


It comes out 8 days before my birthday
An so excited
I’m going to see it on my birthday

And therizinosaurus!

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No I’m also excited

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Yeah blue has a BABA, and the is Quetzacoatlus. I hope all of the new dinos from the movie will be put into jwa after the movie is released


Me too

10 letter

it looks like Deinonychus if i gotta be honest…

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jurassic world alive was released together with jurassic world fallen kingdom. at least the movie was already finished waiting release schedule.

since there, we already had all movie creatures from the start, and up to ludia release creatures from franchise or not (like compsognathus from jurassic park being released way later here).

so this is the first (and sadly maybe the last) movie from universal franchise released AFTER jwa release.

then i am curious about when ludia will release some dino from this new movie. right after release? months later?


This is awesome. Absolutely phenomenal trailer. Now I’m even more hyped

A Baby Blue nice. The new creatures are awesome, and the return of Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler


I still want more dinosaurs


I’m not really a fan of the baby blue or beta. Owen called blue the beta in JW. Now beta has beta? :man_shrugging: I also feel like they thought “oh baby yoda was a big hit, let’s do baby blue!”

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I don’t know but in my opinion Beta and Grogu would make a good team :joy:




(plz dont flag me)

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Tbh Beta is much more of a callback to Blue as a baby in FK, and subtle details in the film and other media was always leading to this. Also Bumpy in CCS1 is more of Universal’s attempt to rival Baby Yoda, and FK came out years before The Mandalorian

Don’t forget Bumpy xd

And possibly the Spinocera twins too

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I’m talking about when Gray asked Owen what Blue’s name was and he said something like “that’s Blue, she’s the Beta” and Gray ask “who’s the Alpha” Owen says “you’re looking at him kid.”

I wouldn’t consider bumpy the attempt at baby yoda because bumpy was just a baby ankylosaurus. Where as Grogu is a mini version of a big named character in Star Wars. Now Beta is a mini version of a big name in JW. Just my thoughts though. Doesn’t mean I’m correct.


Or is it Erlikogamma? I just can’t imagine a Therizinosaurus aggressively chasing Claire into a pond like the Indominus chased the boys down the waterfall.

Erlikogamma is not canon, it’s JWA exclusive