Jurassic World Dominion: The Trailer Is Out!

It’s confirmed to be therizinosaurus

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Its confirmed to be therizinosaurus, and plus there are no hybrids in Dominion


Beta as the name is probably also callback to that scene tho, while that scene does use “Alpha” and “Beta” as means of rank/military terms, here my interpretation is it’s a double meaning of how Owen used to call Blue the pack beta and now she’s her own alpha to her kid and probably how she’ll take over as the Atrociraptor alpha, and if they want more callbacks 1 of the males die to mirror the OG pack from the 1st movie.

Bumpy is my favorite part of CC, but it’s hard to deny she does resemble Baby Yoda like green skin, black pupils, adopted babies, helping the protagonists while accidentally getting them to trouble etc. and by coincidence both came out around the same time on an exclusive platform. I see more similarities on the former 2 than with Blue although I won’t deny the marketing team might use the 2 on more ads than they should


The head feathers are more similar to pyro same with the orange colour. That said both deinonychus and pyro use the raptor base model in JWA so its normal if they somewhat look alike.

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ahhh i see, thx for the info…

Confirmed to be Therizinosaurus, and also, there will be no hybrids in Dominion


The name is Beta, yes.
There is also an Atrociraptor squad, with the names Red, Panther, Tiger, and Ghost


I was just saying Beta/Blue as a baby didn’t have Star Wars in thought in their concept and is just a coincidence.

The name just strikes a familiar callback to me from previous JP media, like how even the Atrociraptors’ names are references to scrapped JW concepts

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I LEGIT CRIED AND I DO NOT CARE WHO KNOWS!!! I’ve also watched it well over 20x’s… don’t judge…


Glad I’m not the only one being obnoxious with the info of the movie. I need to stop so it doesn’t get ruined for me

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I have a funny story about this trailer:
I am out in a log cabin for BoyScouts, and we are streaming the olympics. Then the Dominion trailer comes on and somebody say, “Is that a marvel movie?”


Can’t blame him, the dinosaurs are something to “marvel” at. :joy:


They kinda did it before with baby bumpy and baby nasutoceratops


it’s not an allosaurus gen2, it’s a full grown allosaurus, it’s obviously the juvenile allosaurus that was sold during the auction in fallen kingdom fully grown

blue and her baby beta will not go off with the Atrociraptors

It looks like the Allosaurus shown in Battle of Big Rock. Which is named Allosaurus G² in JWA.

That’s because people would want that model

Okay. And?

My point is that the allo in battle at big rock was just a basic allosaurus. The reason the others were different looking in fallen kingdom is because they were juveniles

Could be.