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Jurassic World Evolution - OMG!

I just downloaded it on my laptop today. Even with the graphics set to the lowest settings, it’s still gorgeous!

It has a very high learning curve, though. I have to get used to that.


Taking pictures of dino’s killing people gets you money.


I haven’t really had much time to sit and really play it yet. Setting up and expanding the power grid is what I’m having issues with.

So it’s 4:56 am. I started playing JWE at 8pm. My first island is now a well developed park, with a decent number of species on display.

I found out that Dilos don’t mind being in the same enclosure as Ceratosaurus. Dracorex doesn’t do too well in huge herds, and tends to break fences and escape. Ankylosaurids are solitary, and need to be in their own enclosure, otherwise, they smash the fence and… hurt people.

Edmontosaurs need social grouping, or they tend to break out. Stegosaurids are chill AF, so are Trikes. Struthiomimus are gorgeous little ostrich mimics. I can build raptors, but may choose to figure out which Island i can raise a small pack on, safely.

In all, JWE is a gorgeous game. I thoroughly recommend it.

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If only I had more than a 2004 laptop to play it on.

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My laptop is a dell inspiron (i think), and isn’t anything special. It can play the game, and that’s what counts. I got mine on the Wal-mart website on sale for $250 about a year and a half ago.

At least there’s a great alternative to JWA when RNG and cheaters make playing in the arena a drag.

The game is also available for XboxOne and PS4.

it get’s very stale and boring quick. i got it the day it came out and haven’t played it in months.

Got it for PS4. I’m in love. Hoping they’ll start releasing more content. I’m already on my fourth island and only been playing a few days.

Finished the game and all challenges (pre-update) within 2 weeks. Easiest game ever, but lovely graphics.

The september patch fixed alot of its issues from what ive read. I however got it after that patch so i have no comparison… i enjoy the game though if your more into the indepth simulation parkasourus looks cool if you can get past the graphics.

Was considering getting it for Xbox one x. Does it have any good tutorial info on the dino? Asking for my 7 year old to learn more

Yes, there is info on the dinosaurs you clone in the game, such as where they lived, their diets, when and where their fossils were discovered. It’s easy enough for a 7 year old to comprehend, but the learning curve is pretty steep.


I don’t have it yet but I’m saving my money for it, I yet know all the dinosaurs in the game

looked it up thinking maybe my daughter might like it since winter is coming and dino hunting may take a dive… first thing the demo video says “May contain content inappropriate for children”… lol, I guess that’s a no for my 5 year old.

It does look like it has some beautiful graphics!

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i mean dinos kill other dinos and eat people, but that should kind of be expected.
there isn’t any blood or gruesome animations though. dinos eat people whole and when one kills another it bites it’s neck. that’s about it.

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It DOES show people getting stomped and/or munched on, but that’s only if you zoom in really close. If the camera is out a bit, you see the dino moving after people, but there’s no gory stuff.

Oh, and the Rex eats the goat. ALWAYS.

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Just went and bought the one x. They didn’t have evolutions on hand, but not worried about it just yet anyway. It was going to be a winter time thing for us and it’ll take some time to download all the “compatible” junk I had accumulated on the 360 anyway. Will get it later in fall or close to Xmas maybe.

It might be available on Xbox store. In that case, you can just download it from there to your xbox. Just make sure you have internet hooked up to your console.