Jurassic World Extinction 2020

I have been playing the game for probably about a month and really Love it. I started playing but there is a big problem

As you can see from the pictures there are not supply drops and dinos anywhere so basically no game which is sad.
Is anyone else having the issues?

restart the game. If not email them.

I have restarted the game multiple times but without any luck. So i sent them an email and hopefully this get fixed

This has happened to me a few times before. Try closing the app and opening it again.

Thanks Gojiraptor for the tip but I have done that multiple times but have no luck

Do you live in a gated community? I believe google took out all the drops inside them.

Looks like it. No roads means no spawns.

Maybe build a road and tell Google about it?

Thanks for the Grimparadox response but I dont live in a gated community. I did email the Ludia team so hopefully they can figure it out