Jurassic world horrifying


Fought a battle which was thought to be normal at first.
The opponent brought in his under-levelled stegoceratop that got easily taken down by mine. Soon after I got to stun his second dino stegeous in the basic move(that’s a good RNG right there), immediately called in my tank destroyer who then got me on a two-kills up advantage.
Here’s when the spooky thing kicked in…
I swear I saw this thing dead…


Then he swapped in his stegoceratop… I was so staggered that even forgot to jot down the odd…


I never got a chance to take a closer look at that stegoceratop again, but got more astonished when saw his 5th dino…


We still have hope, I said that to myself, faith is what keep us moving. But what about seeing a 6th dino?


His tactic was as creepy as all these sceneries. Swapping in and out his entire army to, perhaps crush my faith. But not today! His tragoditis on a dying status, paving the exit for me to flee from this horror.


What thing did I just play?? Strongly sensing this thing will be coming after me in one coming night…


End game zombie mode activated.


You just were the beta tester for the Survival Mode.