Jurassic world is losing its identity

It doesn’t seem like a Jurassic park game anymore. In the beginning you had things like blue i Rex and I raptor running the show, these are iconic dinosaurs to the franchise. Years later still no rexy still no Ultimasaurus, and somehow we get bumpy but no toro.

I get that they want to add their own stuff but Indom and I raptor being absolutely irrelevant to any competitive parts of the game is just disrespectful. Things that are iconic to the franchise need some love and things related to the icons need to be better.


I hate the amount of mammals we’ve got in a game about and with dinosaurs


Clicked on this thread thinking it would be talking about how hunting has been undercut so much by Ludia/Jam City’s business plan to unleash monthly OP monsters with exclusive ingredients locked behind paywalls.

Hunting and strategy used to be the keys to success in this game. Now, it’s who has the biggest wallet and desire to waste money on monsters Ludia/Jam City will power creep into extinction before 98% of the player base can even max them.

Agree on the Indoraptor part though. It’s a famous Unique and should be endgame viable.


Too many flocks as well.
I’d say just add a bunch of regular dinosaurs, no flocks


All of this. I used to look forward to every update so I could get out there, find the new dinos, fuse the new hybrids, etc etc. Heck, I used take days off work to do so!

Now the only way to get the new stuff is with my wallet. I’d be the first to admit I’ve spent money on the game but at this rate it’s not even worth it anymore since stuff gets outclassed by the next update.

I’ll just sit and watch others play with the new stuff on YT and save my money for a more worthwhile investment at this point.


I miss the old game.

New wild dinosaurs
No flocks
Even no boost


It lost its identity a long time ago. I’d say like 3 years ago with the first major mistake called: stat boost. although I got used to it I am still not a fan of it.

Alliances used to be a nice community hub with a couple of small benefits which now changed into a must have for players. With the coming of Apex raids solo players are left in the dust.

Creature balancing is still messed up. if they want to make a dinosaur viable they just give them an overpowered ability and some resistance and nerf some old timers even more. Until the new dinosaurs are getting nerfed in the next update.

I have canceled my VIP a long time ago I treat it as a Toilet break game. I don’t see this game ever being fixed or restored into its prime time.
Of course this is subjective and some people might like the state the game is in today.


And the recently extinct animals like dodos, who are just flightless pigeons and the Haast eagles.

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imagine hating cenozoics :moyai:

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I am not fond of them. I downloaded this for Jurassic park and the Dinos I’ve seen on screen since 93 and other cool dinosaurs. I understand the game is not canon to the franchise but it’s gone from Dinos to mammals. There are plenty of Dinos to still add. The mix is alright to have some mammals but it’s just constant and very few Dinos added anymore.

Got to agree with this. The mammals are cool and all but did we really need a boar, what would you even hybrid with it that you would want boar dna for. Not only that but most of the mammals dont even have a hybrid with the dinos if they even have a hybrid at all so what is their purpose in a dino game. As you said the icon dinos such as indom should always be relevant. Maybe not the top of the top but something you would still occasionally see. As it is right now indom seems pretty useless, blue is crap, we have no rexy for the old guys, it just needs to be changed. Maybe once rexy comes out we will see a new indom, indoraptor, and maybe a scarred blue that will actually be good. That or they will make a flock with blue and all the other raptors, get ready for more flocks and the first 4 hp bar flock!

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Unfortunately a competitive game isn’t compatible with team conservatism, we have to adapt or we get left behind in battles.

Just imagine how stale the game would be if it was just the same dinosaurs for 3 years :grimacing:

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Long time no see @Stiffeno !!

I agree that the game would be so stale if we were still using the same dinos (creatures) as we were 3 or even almost 4 years ago now. They would all be max boosted now and every match up would be the same.


Even my puppet show would be stale from lack of things to complain about :joy:

Oh and hello btw :sunglasses:


And no continent-locked creatures, and remember when everyone hated Prorat… good times

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Oh I didn’t play at the time but I remember the days of DracoceRATops and ProceRAThomimus

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