Jurassic World: Lagoon

We have 3 kinds of “themes”
=>Jurassic world

What if there is a lagoon?
The idea is there is a large fence around the shores next to the cenozoic dome.

The aquarium (were the mosasaur is) and the cenozoic dome doesn’t have escaping creatures.
What if the lagoon, is the second place where creatures can escape?

-Shallow sea
-Open sea

Type advantage?
mangrove wins from open sea, open sea wins from shallow sea, shallow sea wins from mangrove.

Like the aquarium, the lagoon is home for several aquatic/semi aquatic animals from different times.

  1. Mangrove

2.Shallow sea

3.Open sea
*Rhaphicetus valenciae

Spinosaurus gen 2
Instead of the classic jurassic park style, what if spinosaurus gen 2 is the scientific accurate one (long neck, short backlegs, long tail)?
The spinosaurus gen 2 is a mangrove creature.
Its also a VIP-creature with royalty points (like hainosaurus and tylosaurus, everyone get the chance to get it)

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I don’t think ludia will make new aquatic class. Also every creature you listed can easily be implemented in surface, cave and reef.
And i don’t think we will get a aquatic spino. They could make a gen 2 that has the looks of the real spino but i think it won’t look so much different from the current spino since all gen 2s are basically reskins of existing dinosaurs


We could have Jaekelopterus or any other sea scorpion