Jurassic World live action show in development

Hopefully JWA will get some benefit from this? :smiley:

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There is absolutely no trustful source behind this rumor.
So how is it “confirmed”? Nothing official has been said, even if the rumor has been going around for a few years.

Hold your horses and, please, next time try to inform yourself with something more than “a youtuber has read in a blog that…”

Fair play. Klayton is more than just a “youtuber” where the Jurassic franchise is concerned though.

I’m just putting it up there for discussion.

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I just think he’s getting clicks by confirming news that should be coming soon…
I mean, Universal is trying to enter in the streaming wars with Peacock.
It’s pretty clear that they are gonna need their biggest IPs to make it succesful… enter Jurassic World/Park.