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Jurassic World Live Tour....Coming to a city near you


Hi all…I seen an ad for the Jurassic World Live tour, starting in Sept 2019 just before the movie premier of Jurassic World 3 movie opens…just thought I would let folks know about it…


Last movie we got a free premium incubator spawn at AMC theaters. Could hopefully be similar, and premium :slight_smile: at least here is to hoping!


That could be really good if they do it… :slight_smile:


I am hoping for some international event instead of just USA and Canada


Found the site:

And this bit makes me very happy:


International cities will be added at a later date. You can sign up to become a Feld Preferred Customer to be alerted when International cities are added.

So here’s hoping that if Ludia do something to go along with this, they include the other countries as well.


This is REALLY before the opening of Jurassic world 3 since that doesn’t come out until June 11th, 2021.

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