Jurassic World Loyalty Points

I am lvl 66 and have saved up 100,000 Loyalty points. I get destroyed in all the tournaments other than bracketed ones. Do I just buy solid gold packs, do they ever go on sale? Any better way to spend them? Is there only 4 playable bosses?
Thank you in advance

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Probably because your roster isn’t wide/powerful enough. Lvl 20 VIP dinos are the minimum threshold to get into Dom and finish there, and it’s all about quantity so I’d say 60 dinos or so at that level are satisfactory. Of course, you could always just grind 2-3 times per day with a much smaller roster. Plenty of threads on here to help with just this.

Yes, the 10k packs are the best investment. They never really go on sale, however occasionally there are 2x loyalty point events which are when I spend my stockpile of LP on the 10k packs (sometimes the 35k ones), as each of those packs rewards LP after opening the pack (IIRC 850 LP per pack). Thus the packs essentially cost less because of the LP rebate from opening the packs. If you are VIP the packs give 4x LP, making the overall cost go way down meaning you can buy more packs with your LP stockpile.

These events just kinda show up outta the blue, and unfortunately the last double LP event we had was over the 4th weekend. Meaning we might not get another 2x event until a few months if not a year goes by.

At this time, yes.


Thanks for the info! I have a bunch of almost all the normal legendaries at 2 lvl 30s to make the jump to lvl 40 and the carnoraptor and stegoceratops, diplosuchus, and tapejoalerus. I know I’m slaughtering the spelling on some of these. Just don’t know if I have enough to make the jump or will be so unbalance I won’t even be able to win the bracketed tournaments.


For the most part, it just takes time. I’d say get around 15 duplicates of the dinos you want to evolve, and after that spend a week or so evolving them. After that work on hatching and fusing dinos to add to your roster. Eventually it will all start adding up and you’ll start finishing in Dom each tournament. If you get those unlocked tourney dinos to L40, then you will be on your way to having a wide and powerful roster.

I legit have every tourney dino at L40, and never need to use any of my dinos more powerful than them in any tournaments. Instead, I use those dinos for completing daily events.

Just keep working at it and slowly but surely you’ll make it.

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Wasn’t there a time when solid gold packs went on sale and only costed 8k?

Back when they were introduced they costed only 5 k

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