Jurassic World movie tournament reminded me of two things

I remembered how much fun battling was when there weren’t ridiculously OP monsters to contend with, and some tactical thought was involved.

It also reinforced just how bad Ludia can screw up something so seemingly simple as tournament rewards.

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I feel like this is an old account with a new name.

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That secret got out a couple days ago in another thread.

SHHH! :male_detective:

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I hear ya. Then I’ll just carry my guess on and let things be as they are.

On topic, I also had some fun in this tourney and it’s the first I’ve played more than 2-3 battles in

I had fun in this one, and my team was well set up for it. Hoping Tuesday brings some fun new critters to play with!

(and I’m sure your suspicions are right. lol)

No worries tuco,ludia will fix this soon enough and rewards you.
Next time?all creatures starting with the letter “A”

I’m in! Just let me get that ardentismaxima made and leveled up!

The tournament felt like arena if you removed the unique tier. Overpowered monsters at lvl 30 runnong around sweeping your team and docking you 30 trophies.