Jurassic World (only Raptors left) Alive


Quick question. Following the recent events with carnivore spawans, can someone explain to me how it’s at all possible to even try to go up against a team that consists of a velociraptor, a t rex, a gen 2 t rex and a utahraptor…because as of right now I have been getting my butt kicked time and time again by similarly stacked raptor and carnivore teams, even when these teams are half my level. And don’t talk to me about tanks…because even they’re getting crushed by the rexes. It feels like the only way to move forward in battles at all is to stack your own team with raptors and rexes, play your own velociraptor first, and pray the opposing players raptor isn’t faster and gets first pounce…
Seriously, Ludia…can we work out a better cooldown for raptors and rexes? A faster player’s pounce strike pounce takes half my team before I can even get in my own return strike and then I get finished by a t rex chomp.
Why not make the game more like Jurassic World where each type (air, water, herbivore, carnivore) had an advantage over a corresponding type (modified for this game obviously as we don’t have air or water).
It’s gone from being about strategy to just watching my team get repeatedly destroyed by rexes and raptors. Maybe it should be called Jurassic World (only Raptors left) alive…


I Have to say from experience that I can relate. I’ve experimented with different tyrannosaurs (the rexes aren’t the only ones - Lythronax, Gorgo, Tarbo, and Proceratosaurus are all tyrannosaurs) in combination with raptors or other quick-strike dinos, and let me tell you, I had to re-learn strategy.

First off, almost all tyrannosaurs are slower than other predators. They’re like a brick wall with teeth once they level up high enough, but they generally don’t have much in the way of defensive counters, and that’s why you rarely see OP “kill squads”. They are hard to manage.

Leveling up a Lythro or Rex 2Gen isn’t too difficult, they’re pretty common. Gorgos and Tarbos are rare, so finding one is pure luck. Rex and Proceratosaurus are both epic, so you don’t really see them, unless you have the luck of Han Solo or something.

Basically, managing such a team is a micromanagement nightmare. Sure, some people can pull it off, but not all of us are that anal retentive to only go out and tag certain species all the time. In short, don’t freak out - just keep working on leveling up the team you have, and remember that the best offense is a good defense. Sure, the prospect of “attack the enemy into submission” sounds cool, but more often than not you will see these players adopting more diversity in their strategy, because the carnivores didn’t last too long.


I think you didn’t understand that this is not Jurassic World THE GAME, the differences in “JWAlive” is you can beat Epic Dino with a common dinosaur and for real, I was in your case, fighting a Raptor team: Velociraptor, Pyroraptor, Utahraptor and Stegoceratops, I’m not complaining about raptor team and I’ve found by myself how beat them (that I did), and I was’nt complaining about raptor team, you just need to think a little bit by yourself how to kill a raptor team, if you hit a wall because of Raptor, stop playing this game ‘coz what will hit another one with Indominus Rex! And another one after it!


If you want to beat the raptors you need to level up your stegosaurus and other tanks with speed decreasing target attributes. If your Steg can survive a pounce, use the thagomizer, which usually gives you an extra turn to kill the weak raptor. If my opponent begins with a faster raptor than me, I switch to the Steg. Sometimes he gets two shots at me, sometimes I die, sometimes not, when my turn comes, thagomizer first always.


Its really not fun.
Glass Cannons shouldnt debuff you, like how Pounce cuts your attack- so if you are beefy enough to live one you cant ohko it in return.

Honestly it comes down to having a faster raptor and sacrificing one dino with the hope of coming in and revenge killing it.
Speed control helps. Switching to a counter attacker( *only if pounce is on cooldown) Sometimes the ankylosaur types just force them out.
Whatever you do, dont just switch a counter directly into any raptor attack. Just go down 1 dino and come in fresh with something that can scare it out or hurt it bad while its pounce is on cooldown


Lythronax = Common
2nd Gen T-Rex = Rare
Gorgosaurus = Rare
Tarbosaurus = Common
T-Rex = Epic
Proceratosaurus = Rare, Arena exclusive

Don’t know why you messed up the rarities or if you are even talking about the same game. But I encounter a lot of Gorgosaurus and even a decent amount of T-Rex. Tarbo and 2nd Gen Rex are almost never there.


I know I messed up the rarities - but like you said, you hardly see gorgos (I see them more than tarbos), it’s all down to where you are on the map, and where the spawns are randomly placed.

The other day, I went out of town, and saw maybe ten Tarbos out in fields - this was maybe 20 miles outside city limits. I started finding species out there that weren’t spawning in my city, like tanycolagreus.

I get Proceratosaurus DNA on almost every 3hr or 8hr incub without fail.


The above is a daily occurrence.

Tarbosaurus is super-common in my immediate area and had been on my team since day 1, until my most recent dive back down in arenas:

When leveled enough and higher than the raptor in question, the larger theropods can trade off with a raptor by tanking the pounce+strike, but they won’t have the HP or speed to be of use afterward. At equal level or at a level disadvantage, the raptors will still 2-shot you, so a tank is still preferable; the theropods are beyter used against opposing tanks (or each other)


Wait a moment. Where did you read I hardly see Gorgosaurus? I said the opposite … a lot of Gorgosaurus and T-Rex in my suburban area and the city.

Only 2nd Gen Koolasuchus/Dimetrodon/Triceratops are even more common than Gorgosaurus. But those four are everywhere here all day.

Commons like Tarbosaurus or Tanycolagreus … never had them in the wild here.


No, I was saying that I hardly see gorgos, but I tend to see them a lot more than Tarbos in my area.

Tarbos might be common, but not in my city - I have to go out into rural areas to find them. The same with tanys.


I think spawn rates for commons should be tweaked in certain areas. It’s pretty difficult trying to tap a tarbo for DNA while riding along at 75 mph on the interstate.


I see a crap ton of Gorgos at least 5-6 a day same with Megas but only encountered 3-4 rexes


My stegosaurus (14) and Ankylosaurus (12) are able to take down a raptor squad. I usually throw out the anky first because he can easily take a raptor pounce. Use the shield on the second turn and he can take little damage. Third turn use the invincible one against his next pounce and take no damage. Next turn should knock him out (if he isn’t already down). Next raptor should be the same. (At level 12 anky can take down 2 raptors.) Just time the pounce to coincide with the invincible move. When anky is done, bring out stegosaurus. Nothing you can really do to strategize. Use thagomizer and pray your stegosaurus is high enough level to knock it out in 2 turns.


Megalosaurus? I rarely see them, but want them for Hybrid. Gorgosaurus … yeah, 20+ a day at least (if you are farming for some hours daily).