Jurassic world RP thread

So this is a RP thread where u can rp as a random dino

So my role is Thoradolosaur which role do u want to be?

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Abertospinos i guess umm
Stomp Stomp Stomp
Bleeds opponent to death
Albertospinos:Now what ?

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The only Rule is:
U can only roleplay as a Epic,Legendary or a Unique hybrid

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We will be roleplaying in space when the RP starts

I could do Spinoconstrictor…

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The rp will start tomorrow

The RP is starting soon on mars where all hybrids have spacesuits

RP is starting now,we just need to have more ppl in the RP

I want to be CompyC

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When we reach 5 ppl we will start the RP

I want to be Indotaurus

I wanna be Dodocevia

I’ll be Scorpios g3


I will be Phorurex


RP is starting!RP ends on Saturday!

Am i stuck in a weird red planet?

This Rocketship took us here for nothing!