Jurassic world RP thread

How to get out of here at all?

I found a spaceship but only humans can enter there so i guess i am stuck forever

I might too

A Alienosaurus Rex is about to get me!

Atleast i found a safe place

I see a picture of Darius

What is it doing here

Alienoraptor almost attacked me

NASA said they took us here for testing

And that picture was eaten by another Alienosaurus Rex

I see a strange building in the distance

I’m tired and go to sleep

Then I’ll check the building

I got attacked by an Alienoraptor and hid in the vents

I am seeing another picture and idk what it was it got eaten by an Alienoraptor

We look around for a safe place. As we were looking around one of us saw some sort of nest. We decided to not go there so we do not disturb the local wildlife. Also a few kilometers from there was an ice cap. Should we go there?


I will do this in more of a 3rd person type thing

Alloraptor went in the opposite direction of the icecap, proving to be unruly and erratic. The other creatures realized that an “alienoraptor” had followed the raptor, and decided to go towards the icecap, leaving Alloraptor alone to fight the alienoraptor.

Alienoraptor is such a generic name

I got injured by an Alienoceratops so I called my troops to kill it

We were nearing the icecap when a Xenarctos ambushed us. Luckily we managed to distract it and ran away. Wonder what kind of ecosystem is there.