Jurassic world RP thread

(side note from the roleplay, just a list for reference;)

EpicThor= Thor
TerribleLiz= Spinos
A_Dog= CompC
User118= ITaurus
Jacelin= dodocev
MrMeme= Sg3
Ozora= Coelhaa
koola= bagels/Pho
quetzor= Allorap

{ btw am I allowed to join this late if so will request to be tryo if not then ok }

Indo G2: …

Yes u can
10 chars

I ate an Alienoceratops

I found a thing that says Ben will save us with a rocketship

I woke up.

Somebody is gonna save us

I’m going to that building.

It’s written on the door “恐龍會死”

It’s a pity that the people have a translator in the ship, but you can’t get there

I see a mutant mortem in the distance gotta run

I hear strange sounds

Doesn’t look like alienosaurs

Need to use a cloak

A Testa is making a new company

I’m running

Ahh what is that hole

The company is called SpaceHybrids

“Indotaur stunned”

I destroyed a Xenarctos