Jurassic world RP thread

Penguin horses protect me!! :zebra:
Oh it worked Must be the stripes since I do camouflage with these… these Uhh Zeba no wait zebras
Brad: Unauthorized live forms detected
Wait that’s not me!!!
Brad: (Shouts Electric ball)
(Zebras stampede)
Ow oW ow oof
Where am I going?
*5 mins later
Well Ive landed
And I see Eggs
Brad X: Commands to put genes into the white indoraptor
Wait what!?

What genes?
Brad x: …
How are u expecting to put genes into me? What a chip?
Brad x: Yes
Imma go now
Brad x 2: * Releases Tranquilizer mist
Why tho…
*falls asleep
Brad x: Chips Indpraptor Gen2

(from the perspective of an aquatic Tryo) {me}

huh. who would´ve thought that this place could be just as full of carnage as that horrible facility was (the pvp arena and collection tab) wonder what the abominations are here

this place; it looks all renewed. . .

[in head] > was this what was on the other side of those shores <

(nublar shores)

wait what is that metal blob

wait why are you aiming your head at me

nonono dont fire that. . noo


*wakes up
What happened
Oh look penguin horses wait there called zebras
Wait the brads, the genes!
What genes do they put in me?
I feel wired like there’s something inside me
Oo Eggs, ostrich eggs, Yummy
Huh I’m not full yet, I must be really hungry


Where are we? Looks like I am in some sort of research facility. I look around only to find no one except for Vera, our 2nd member. We tried to figure out what happened but we couldn’t, alas. I asked her, “Where’s Jerry?”. She said she had no idea either. Someone get us out please?

I see I metal door maybe it’s the facility

It goes down :arrow_down:

This Is dark, Huh there’s Something moving and…

-Ooo flashlight :flashlight: and trays meat trays
*Green light Flashes
What’s that and how do I get back to the savanna with the zebras and other animals? :zebra: :water_buffalo: :giraffe: :elephant: :sloth: :rhinoceros: :lion: :monkey_face: :flamingo:

can I join, what are the rules

Salka: Oo A Door
*Salka Teleports
Salka: Whats this place?
Brad: Unautho-
Salka: More brads?
Salka:*kicks Brad
Salka: I’m starting to hate these brads as much as my friend (me) hates nerf threads
Salka: Anyways Where am I?
Random Scaphotator: your on mantah corp island
Random Albertocevia in a Gemstone: (Random letters and words)
Random scaphotator: Stop
Salka: Who exactly are you?
Scap: oh I’m scap, and this is my very annoying friend
Albo: we’re not friends
Scap: and this is my very annoying Not friend albo
Albo: seriously?
Scap: What?
Salka: Ok? Can u help me find Anyone else? Like Thor?
Salka: He said he was on mantah corp island too
Scap: Oh the random Dino that is green and part allosino and tarbo?
Salka: U know him don’t you?

(I decided to put the name of my indoraptor gen2 in)

U can only roleplay as an epic,Legendary or unique hybrid

I can kill brads very easily

“Unauthorized Life”
I ate that brad

Nooo don’t put a chip on me

Proceeds to destroy Brad x

Don’t make me fight a stegosaur!

Wait who’s this random Antarctovenator?

Oh no he was mind controlled

The brads elimination protocol can’t stop me

I have a laser gun on my arms so i can destroy every brad