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Jurassic World The Game, Alive And Movie Theories

Well, Game Theory Isn’t Coming With New Jurassic Theory For Sure. So If You Want To Do It Right, You Must Make It Yourself And That’s Why I Made This Thread. In The Comments Down Below Of This Forum Thread, You Can Discuss, Disagree And Agree To Other People Theories. Enjoy Yourself!

I’ll Start With My First Theory, Why Owen Hold Maisie For Dear Life If He Just Can Release And Let Maisie Stay There For A While? IMG_20210419_191205_127


how the tyrannosaurus managed to climb!XN73s~2


1- Good question
2-I am prety sure there was different part of the wall with no mote
How did the T-Rex reach the vehicles in Jurassic Park? - Movies & TV Stack  Exchange


What is that mysterious therizinosaurus hybrid that appeared with stegoceratops?

In Battle at Big Rock, what happened “up north”? It was clearly not the incident in the Lockwood Mansion, since the girl said the event “up north” involved only carnivores and no herbivores :thinking:
Was it a battle between two carnivores with people also involved? Which carnivore was responsible? Giga? Rexy? a Baryonyx or a Carnotaurus? Mysterious, indeed.

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And also, since JWTG is a direct sequel to JPB (we can even see the game’s meat and leaf harbours, the visitor center and the lab in Nublar), what happened to the aquatic park? I mean, it was supposed to be in the same island too…


Interesting, I still do believe this is just the reference to the lockwood estate incident however. I’m sure more will become clear in dominion.

Why have we never seen stegoceratops in Jurassic World because that while he appeared the computers in the Hammond lab ?

as well as all its other hybrids!Screenshot_20210419-232157 Screenshot_20210419-232201

Mabye They Died Afterwards Their Born. Like The Albino Animals. They Have A Little Rate Of Surviving Too.

look at her, I translated below.

The Stegoceratops was originally scheduled to appear in the Jurassic World movie. • On the original script, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing allegedly discovered upon seeing a Stegoceratops that Henry Wu had created several hybrids in secret. The scene was removed from the script, due to Colin Trevorrow’s son claiming that the Indominus rex would have been less impressive to fans against Stegoceratops .

Wait If Stegoceratops Supposed To Be In The Jurassic World, Is That Mean The Stegoceratops Has Been Killed By Mount Sibo Or Been Rescued To The Lockwood’s Mansion?

Maybe yes! soon in JWD, STEGOCERATOPS!

That along with the Cenozoic park probably got abandoned and their creatures brought to Jurassic world

How do you fit like 12 mosasaurs and 12 megalodons and a whole lot more in 1 lagoon is totally different matter.

At this point, I don’t think it should be considered a lagoon anymore :grimacing:

I think the biggest mistery that will ever take place is how on earth Claire beated a T-Rex in high heels, and she was able to run to a whole island in those red shoes.


By the way if you want shoes to outrun T-Rex you can find it on amazon as comfort plus, for as little as $50 greens


Well According To National Geographic, T-rex Can Run 12 Miles An Hour. Any Faster, The Bones Will Shattered. And In 2013, A Woman Ran A 100m Dash In High Heels In A Record Breaking 15.4 Miles An Hour. So It Might Be Hard, But You Can Outrun A Big T-Rex.,and%2033%20miles%20an%20hour.

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In the original Jurassic park hammond said they clocked the trex at 32mph

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strange, 32 km / h is the speed of the triceratops.

Yes. The lagoon wasn’t probably big enough to hold a variety of marine animals. But there was a scrapped script that had a plesiosaurus pond where a plesiosaurus was living with some ichtyosaurs