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Jurassic world the game battle events


Can you please bring back the megalodon for the battle event. And can you please not make the dinosaurs we fight against extremely challenging. I had to waste about 5000 dino bucks trying to defeat one of the battle events.


I ran across this match up this weekend and was very disappointed. Yes this would be possible in the future with the new super hybrid Monosteratop. Since it was just released and you need 2000 SDNA to unlock it just for a level 10 this match up is impossible.


I went ahead and attempted this battle and yes I don’t think it is possible… I managed to get the best case full 8 attack with the strongest super hybrid herb available and still had another 7,000 health to go.


You have to study its attack pattern. These boss dinos usually will never hit with more than 3 attack points. That means you can select your team accordingly. Start with a disposable dino and use reserve. Next, use 2 defence. Next, you can use all reserve if you want to do everything with the last dino which should be your best herbivore. OR. You can start defending with your second dino. Defend 3 points and reserve 1 point every time until you get 8. Then you hit 5 and defend 3. Repeat… Until its dead. Will take a while, but this works.

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Hi everyone,

General query with the upcoming Aquatic tournament this weekend (looks suspiciously like the Mosasaurus which would be ace!) - will it be locked down to Aquatic creatures only?

Seems to be so far that Land dino rewards require Land dinos for battle, Cenozoic rewards require Cenozoic creatures so seems logical that Aquatic creatures are required for an Aquatic reward… just want to make sure though before spending thousands of dino bucks on incubation!



Generally yes, the battle dinosaurs match the reward species. I can’t think of a tournament that didn’t operate this way.


Thanks for the confirmation :+1: - will get cracking on the incubation now!


Seems this only works with the 2nd Dino. Also, if your Dino has enough health to take a hit without getting knocked down, the opponent will use 4 instead of 3 on attack. Once you’re within one hit of losing, then yes, he will use no more than 3 attack.


Picking up this thread again since the match up is back, however it is a more fair match up this time.

This time I was able to succeed without any need to exit the game, glad I have been leveling my Monostegotops.


I forgot all about this, that for this type of fight, the no-more-than-3-attack mode applies. Any crappy Dino would do, just more time needed. I should’ve saved my monostehotops for the tournament instead! Ah, well.:upside_down_face:


Found out the new tournament creature
At least I think it is Lythronax