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Jurassic World The Game: How do I get good at the game

Hi I am about level 40 in the game and started playing again about two weeks ago. I am a daily player. I am also thinking about getting vip. In reality I would just like some advice on how to get good at the game.


First of all, welcome to the forum!

What Dino lineup do you have? That will help us have a better idea of what you’re working with.

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not much to really get good at, more like exploit.

#1 exploit the trade harbor
A) There are lots of video’s, topics on this. Mainly keep all your inventory clear, don’t stock pile dino’s, mods, anything other than apatosaurus fossils and some John hammonds. Use those for very lucrative trades.
B) Exploit coin production and trades. Try and set your park up to generate a lot of coins per day. Many many millions per day. Use all these coins for very lucrative trades be it custom or random.

2). Exploit the battle AI and game match making. Again, several posts and vids about this. Mainly choose your dino’s wisely for desired strategy, build reserve and win.

3). If you are VIP take advantage of the prize drop. Again, go check out videos on how to get the most for the least investment.

4). Keep your jurassic, ceno and aquatics balanced with a deep bench to make PvE less tedious and difficult

That’s about it, now go forth and dominate


My Dino lineup is currently my best creature is a lvl 20 smilidon my best land is a lvl 30 lybrinthodonta and my best aquatic is a lvl 20 kronosaurus. I have a lvl 20 Rex and spino and a lvl 30 raptor and a lvl 40 Utah raptor And a lvl 40 carno I’m thinking about getting spinoraptor Carnoraptor and the Indominis Rex should I or should I go for different hybrids also thanks


Welcome to the forum @Happy! :smiley:

There are many helpful members out here such as @Aether_12 @The_Phoenix @Tommi @Mary_Jo @Sionsith @Timmah @HanSoloWannaBe @Bobby_Farmer @MirrMurr (among many others too, sorry if I missed anyone!) who can assist you, just be sure to mention where you need guidance.


@Happy Welcome to forums! So for the hybrids part go for hybrids that will help you for a lot of time like ankylodocus stegoceratops the dinos you mentioned indominus spinoraptor carniraptor. Also if you don’t use bucks anywhere else like me you grind modded pvp! Its 40 bucks including entry fee if you don’t have a good coin production which is a hefty amount but trust me its really worth it. You can get useful dinos like rajastegas spinoraptors diplotators and even legendaries! Also you might want to level up fast so that you can unlock COT which gives a guaranteed tournament creature unlock every month! You should work on getting your lineup strong and deep with your dinos. I would like yo see what you have unlocked to give you hybrid ideas.

Sounds like you unbalanced your line up.

Many matches are determined by the strength of your top 3 Dino’s, even if they are on cooldown.

You want a lot of similar strength Dino’s at the top of your line up.

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Probably referring to the level 20 Smilodon in Cenozoic

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Thats why i deleted it

One thing that can help with your PVE battles is if you work on getting, and maintaining , a balanced lineup across the classes, and eventually across the various Raities as well. Patience keeps you out of a lot of trouble in this game. One strategy I followed when it came to my creatures was to start at the bottom (Triceratops) and build up from there as I unlocked new creatures, or got copies of locked creatures. Keep those hatchery pods going full speed. Super-Rare and down in the first pod; Legendary and up in the rest. This is a slow process, but it’s one that has served me well.

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