Jurassic World the Game ideas: Velociraptor Gen 3

Yeah I decided to do a more accurate Velociraptor but still inaccurate because of the lack of feathers.
10- Health: 2570 Attack: 2589
20- Health: 2987 Attack: 2998
30- Health: 3143 Attack: 3147
40- Health: 3452 Attack: 3456


That ferocity is similar to super hybrids in terms of increase speed. It’s way too powerful and no creature in the game has more attack than health


Actually, I wouldn’t mind a velociraptor gen 3 if its a vip glass cannon dino.

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Don’t worry it’s hybrid Velocikapros will have more health than attack

  • I don’t think we can have dinos with more hp than attack. It makes no sense.
  • Quite op stats if it is gonna be a tourney creature but I don’t think it has good enough stats to be VIP
  • You need to make the hp increase every 10 levels more normal, not like a super hybrid.

This is not criticism, it is advice


I think having a Gen 3 Velicoraptor is very good but what is Velocikapros?

It is a hybrid of it an Kaprosuchus Gen 2

Isn’t it a little too strong for a VIP? Nevertheless, I would have liked it with black colors striped with a dark red. Otherwise it’s perfect! on the other hand I don’t want a tyrannosaurus gen 2. can I draw a veloci gen 3?


OK, I hope you enjoy it.


Look really cool but, I would really like having the Isla Sorna raptors. The white raptors with black stripes and yellow eyes. OR… Have the tiger stripes ones, either way, would love to see one of them in this game.