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Jurassic World the game keeps crashing on my tablet!

Please try and fix this for some reason Jurassic World the game keeps crashing on me as soon as I log in I can’t even check if there has been an update at this point! I have alot of space left for adding more games or making more progress on games but for some reason it keeps crashing.

Hi @LilyGiraffe12345. You can contact ludia support at using your support key or send a ticket to support at Don’t forget your support key!

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I think it’s because of the servers, when the servers are full, they crash, and when they aren’t your game runs smoothly

I been testing on my Samsung Tab S6 Lite and it crashed on me 3 times within a 40 minute period. It’s a lot lower than it was in that time period but still bad. So hopefully they can fix this and improve performance on mine.

Feel free to email our team at, Demi. They’ll be happy to look into it!

Sadly, I already have, went through a bunch of steps and now it’s a waiting game to see if the problem actually gets fixed.