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Jurassic World The Game Needs Logic

When I was in a match i was at the last dino with 20 hp left with 240 dmg and instead of 480 it dealt 578 SO IT NEEDS LOGIC I KEEP LOSING OF NO LOGIC

Hi, I think you might not know of attack multipliers. When you attack two points it doesn’t multiply by two instead by 2.4, here is the full list for you.

images - 2021-04-02T213559.952

It’s definitely very frustrating at first that this isn’t mentioned in the game as such but only on social media. Hope this helps you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you have provided him with the holy grail.

Also anything you face in the game is an AI/Bot. Even PvP matches with other player images is controlled by AI. Same goes for any tournament matches as well.


Ok It Just Didnt Make Sense For Me I Played JWTG Since The First Ad I Saw In 2017

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I also think it’s a bit silly, but hey, it can help you too, EX:
you have a dinosaur with an attack of 200, the opponent at 430 in health, you use 4 hits, the opponent uses 2 shields, normally you should have lost, and no!

Its a bit weird when you start but you’ll get used to it

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