Jurassic world the game suggestion

Hi,there jurassic team
I like this game.I have been play it since 8 months.but now i am feeling a few interestless,feel boring and now i want to change something new in the game.Plzz make this game more interesting. Everyone wants to play multiplayer online fighting battles with facebook friends.This will be more fun.

Thank you, rafique qureshi

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Hi there, jurassic team

The second thing is Change the navigation and view of the game.The zoom in, zoom out is in very low density.

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Welcome to the Forum! I’d disagree with JWtG being a PvP game, let that be left to JWA. As a player of both games, I’m in favour of JWtG being the cooling and relaxing game you can have while facing all sorts of live player opponents in JWA. After a point though JWtG might become a bit slow and drag-ish for some but if you’re a collector like @Tommi or want to build an astounding deep and balanced lineup like @Sionsith then I’m sure you’ll be entertained for much longer.


as player with health hendicap, that cant efectivite play jwa i want pvp, alliances etc in jwtg

Real PvP in JWtG would basically just make it JWA in horizontal mode. Besides going out isn’t really a must-be-necessary aspect of JWA, sure it slows down your game progress a bit but doesn’t majorly restrict or entirely eliminate it. Saying this as a player who stays inside all day. Finding a suitable alliance to fill up requests or place creatures in Sanctuaries does the work there.


Welcome to the forum!
I am pretty sure this won’t happen as this game has been out for nearly 7 years and there has never been a PvP system against real players in that large space of this game being out

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