Jurassic World The Game: The Series

Jurassic World The Game: The Series

Episode #1 - Evolution

Tommy Paoly - Time for battle! Unleash the Alangasaurus!!! You’ll never defeat it!!!
Indoraptor08 - Ever heard of Ostaposaurus?
Tommy Paoly - Hey you never told me that you had an Ostaposaurus.
Indoraptor08 - I don’t care. You’ll never defeat my Ostaposaurus!!! Everybody knows it is best after Rajasaurus!!!
Tommy Paoly - I give up. Can’t we go do something like S-DNA missions.
Spinosaurus7896 - Well, you still haven’t sent any dinosaurs to catch your 12 Level 40 Spinosauruses.
Indoraptor08 - Yeah you should do something about that…
Tommy Paoly - I’m going to B-DNA now. Maybe I’ll finish Juggernaut soon.
Spinosaurus7896 - I’m going too. I need B-DNA to upgrade my Valkalrie.

20 minutes later

Tommy Paoly - Well, I’m closer…
Spinosaurus7896 - You still need 13470 more B-DNA.
Tommy Paoly - What’s that over there!?
Senabecool - Um, i’m definitely not robbing the B-DNA factory with my Carnoraptor…
Spinosaurus7896 - I’ll stop you with my Ostafrikasaurus!
Senabecool - Carnoraptor charge!!!
Spinosaurus7896 - Ostafrikasaurus shield!!!
Ostafrikasaurus blocked the attack
Senebecool - You got some skill, but not enough to survive a tail whip!!!
Spinosaurus7896 - A little help here!?
Tommy Paoly - Spinosaurus attack!!!
Ostafrikasaurus and Carnoraptor took damage
Senebecool - You’re good…
Spinosaurus7896 - Ostafrikasaurus attack!!!
Tommy Paoly - Spinosaurus shield!!!
Senebecool - Not another attack!!!
Carnoraptor has been defeated!
Tommy Paoly - Hand over the B-DNA now!
Senebecool - Nope…
Helecopter flies down…
Jurassic Fury - Get in now Senebecool.
Senebecool - Sure.

Episode Cast

Written by @koola888
Dedicated to Everybody reading this


New episode coming soon people!!!


This was…epic :rofl: