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Jurassic world the game unreleased creatures

All unreleased creatures, facts and evolutions are welcome!


@irritator246 @dimetrocarnus @altithorax_perotorum
HINT: this creature means vicious lizard. Any guesses?

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You are correct btw, guess who’s next!

This is the next creature on the list, this is a hybrid of spinosaurus gen 2 and ???

this was a good discussion idea but the only person replying is just drawing made up dinosaurs

No. Some of these creatures are hybrids while the rest are real creatures.

yeah but this is basically guess the creature it would be unreleased creatures if ludia made them but didnt add them to the game. also try drawing more neatly on completly white paper to make it easy to see

Having this topic open, which Dinos for the ones who play alive do you think they can come to JW the game? I hope Ludia add more hybrids and also a strong hybrid metria stats like amphibian

I think if hybrids get a second hybrid… Then erliko-indominus would be a possibility. And if spinosaurus s-DNA comes then there will be the first Cenozoic super hybrid, the spinoconstrictor.

I want an amphibian hybrid a new one
Like If I am ludia I would mix acanthostega and eryops and get eryostega and its stats in lvl 40 would be 11456+ and 3940///
Isn’t that great

the stats are kinda broken because acanthostega has less health and more attack and eryops has more health and less attack so the result should be 14498 health and 2905 attack


yea it can come in the future


yea it can come in the future too

Lambeosaurus. Period.

Yea, more attack and health should be for the hybrid so I made it so that it could kill itself in 3 hits
But 2900 would make 4 hits and it would not be that compatible for fight for funds and infinite battle stage

I want Deinosuchus in JWTG, so we can fuse her with Gryposuchus to create a strong amphibian hybrid.