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Jurassic world the game - weird mystery pack

So basically I am writing this because I want to just ask if anything is happening like this with someone else or it’s just me?

My park level is 34 and as usual I always get a free mystery pack after every 6 hours and I get all the resources from it but I don’t get a single Dino from it
Not even a common one.This has been happening from last 2 months ago.i even checked the card contents and it was normal.I don’t know what to do? It keeps me from getting common dinos which are locked.Can anyone tell me what to do?

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I don’t think there are any locked common creatures anymore in Mystery Packs…

Oops my bad,yes you are right but still I don’t get any dinos

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it… the odds of getting them are low and also as they’re unlockable ones you could buy them with DNA…

Well yeah you are right,thanks

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Anytime! :+1:t3:

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