Jurassic World


I paid for a pile of cash but didn’t get anything but got a receipt anyway


If you are android user, the problem might due to google play store.
Lots of players from different applications report similar trouble that they paid but didn’t gain the items they bought.
So just don’t buy anything on google play until it fixed.


There has been server issues over the last 24 hours, which has affected a few other players with the same problem that you’ve had.

Once the servers are running smoothly again, I highly expect those people who have made a purchase will receive their products. But if you do not see your purchasing appearing ingame, within the next 24 hours, then please submit a ticket to Ludia’s customer support, so they can verify and apply the purchase directly onto your account.

What @Tarbosaurus mentioned could also be true, that it’s an external error being caused by Google, but at the moment, it’s a lot of guess work until we know more as to what took place over the few 24 hours.