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JurassicSquad is looking for new members

Hello! My Alliance “JurassicSquad” is looking for new members.

Me and my girlfriend have been playing since the game released and created this alliance as soon as the “Alliance Update” came online. We are a rather casual Alliance with many players that have been with us since our beginning.
We are an international Alliance which currently has 41 active players. We try to reach lvl 10 exploration every week, but since we are ~40 players its been hard in the last two weeks.

We only got a few rules:

  • Max. inactivity is 7 days
  • You have to participate in the Alliance Tournament and defeat at least 10 dinos to get the 1000 points bonus.
  • Be friendly / No begging for DNA

The only requirement is that you should have more than 4000 trophies and be active.

If you want to join us just add me in game: ’ SpaceFight3r #0967 ’ or message me.
I hope to see you soon! :slight_smile:

I would be very interested. I am currently in a alliance that is fading. I was hoping it would pick up. I’m just getting frustrated. I am a daily active player. Here is my profile.


We are still looking for at least 5 new members :slightly_smiling_face:

Another fading alliance. Play daily and looking for Alliance that is more active. Level 20