Jurrasic world Alive should reduce the amount of updates

There is too much of updates i am saying this because new players like me are having a hard time catching up with the older players

As a new player, you’re not supposed to catch up with the older ones who have been grinding and spending more time than you.


Updates are fine.
It’s the new dinos & new movesets, which affects the battles.

You will catch up eventually as we are blocked at level 30 anyway but it will take at least a year if not more.

Tbh I kinda agree with this, there are just to many updates for anyone to catch up with and since they keep making a new really strong creature just about every update that becomes the focus of everyone and then only a month later another super strong creature comes out rinse and repeat

Are those who think new players should catch up quicker seriously saying that the older players should see their hard work work negated so that the new players become equal in less time?

I think I’ve heard it all now!

The frequent updates are to give the long standing players something to work towards if only for a week or two. A brand new player isn’t meant to catch up within that time. It’ll take lots of work. Ask questions and get advice from the old timers. We are here to help. We want to see newer players rise through the ranks.