Jurrasic World Alive


I think we should be able to collect more darts and coins cause most of the time I get darts from drops and I only get few coins and have 6 dinos to level up but only have 1,260 coins. My mom just started playing and she’s level 7 and she has 12,000? <never played for coins and I’m level 8.


As of last night I’m at 53 which need levelling up (I’m level 9). The gap between coins necessary to evolve and coins available for free is bonkers. But I can’t really afford to pay for them with real-world money, so…


Your mom straight up p2w and didn’t tell you. :joy:


I’m level 10 with 11,000 coins, and 35 dinos waiting to evolve. Only 2 are on my time, but I’m waiting on 11 DNA to evolve my lvl 15 stegoceratops to 16 (takes 10,000 coins).

The struggle is real, but if it weren’t where would the challenge be, or the appeal to pay? Ludia has to make money some way. There is a bit of a grind but I’m finding if you are hitting enough supply drops and activating incubators constantly you can get what you need. Don’t waste coins on evolving dinos you won’t use on your team or in future hybrids. That number 35 of waiting dinos will most likely only keep going up for me.