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Jurrasic World: Waiting for the concavenator

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve been saving VIP points to buy the concavenator in the 20,000 pack … each week, a new hope of it appears in the 7 day pack, and this week came the mammoth …
Will this wait come to an end someday? …

(Does anyone remember when was the last time he entered the 20,000 pack?)

Interesting! I don’t recall even seeing a non-VIP in that pack before (and it’s 30K instead of 20K). Ironic that they think players would want to pay so much for a creature they just nerfed considerably (and its hybrid even more so). Hope its appearance there doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be seeing tournaments for it… we did have one already this year but I unfortunately wasn’t high enough to unlock it at the time.

Don’t recall the last time the Concavenator was in there but definitely does rotate through on a regular basis since she’s so popular.


Actually, I have 2 mammoths in the store.
I can’t imagine anyone who would like to pay 30k for 1.: /
In the meantime I’m here waiting for the concavenator…