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Jurrassic World Price Drop

The watch video option to gain entries has been saying “no content available” for the last few days is this a glitch in the game or just no content available!

Go into settings -> Help and Support. Make sure all the toggles are red, like this:


Even after the update my son’s iPad still does not show the toggle button. Is there a setting in the iPad proper that must be adjusted? Or would this have to do with guest account status, rather than one connected to Facebook?

I submitted a ticket about this and sent an email to support, but haven’t heard back. I too am not on facebook and on an iPad Air 2.

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I’m with you guys. On some iPad Pro, don’t remember exactly what model. Submitted a ticket as well. Will wait and see. :eyes:

they never solved my problem with in game support help. they responded, but had no solution.

I just did the update and agreed to the terms and its working now for prize drop. now you can fight pvp after watching a video instead of paying $5. and 2nd spin is back after pvp victory. the 2nd spin was only working with aquatic pvp.

I am using ipad pro

I’ve updated also, but problem persists, so I submitted ticket.

Hello Andy, All ads are disabled and cannot be turned on for accounts registered as a minor.


That’s what I needed to know. Thanks

What is an account registered as a minor?

kids accounts

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Thank you @J.C.

Can we switch it to a non-minor account and get ads back?

kid accounts offer a lot of other protections, it’s not something I would suggest if a child is playing the game

If it’s possible, I would like to do it. My kid no longer plays with me so no worries there.

That explains it. I’m cool with the videos excluded, since nowadays it includes Hulu and other non-gaming content, not to say that gaming stuff are necessarily more benign. :sunglasses:

To funny, I started playing cuz my kid wanted this game… quickly turned into my park tho. Haha