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Just a bit of ranting


So I’m trying to stay at a certain arena level for the specific incubators.
Which means losing a few times to keep from progressing.
But some people make it hard to lose… :unamused:

I mean, opening with Adrenaline Pulse will not give you 125% health.
If a regular attack is enough to finish me off, which you can see by long pressing, do not waste your ultimate.

I’m using Dino’s from the bottom of my collection.
Still sometimes I’m beating the odds against double my level.
I have no delusions that I’m just “that good” but how can some people be that bad!?

* yes, I’m one of those. Sue me! I want Raja and I never find one in the wild


A friend of mine and his 3 year old son play in the arena and he let’s the 3 year old pick the moves. For what that is worth you may be running into some people entertaining youngsters.


Usually those that start with adrenaline pulse are bots. If you lose 2 battles in a row, you’ll fight bots until you win which is probably what’s happening here (although it could still be other players pretending to be bots as well).


If you want to lose just keep swapping dinos, it gives them a free hit without you attacking. You literally can’t fail to lose.


I have indeed seen someone use that technique.
Personally I prefer loading up weaker dinos so it can still be a fight. Only swapping takes the fun out.


That is actually quite an obvious point that I hadn’t even considered. Thank you


How about allowing us the choice of the Arenas to battle inas we progress? I.E.: if we progressed to Arena 2 but still want to battle in Arena 1. Or we progressed to Arena 3 but we want to battle in 1 &/or 2, etc.


Here’s another tip to add to your next update. The “tips” that displayed before a battle begins needs to be displayed for a little longer than just a few seconds. Some display for about 30 seconds while others display for less than 10 seconds.