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Just a few ideas to improve game for every 1


Firstly: vips need more !
Ive seen alot of great ideas and said some myself that should be implemented into the game.
VIP Bonus is very low, not worth the 9,99 euros.
But i also agree vip shouldn’t be pay to win or very op

But we can change that, here are a few suggestions i have:

Some stuff that does not really make VIP pay to win:

Suggestions #1 (We should have these bonus in-game or a few of them)

140 Dart Space > 240 Dart Space
200m drone range > 300m drone range
1 Free Incubator > 1 Free Incubator + 1 Free Rare Incubator OR to make it more fair:
3 Free Incubators and / or once a week a rare Incubator. OR
1 vip exclusive Incubator + 1 Free Incubator thank you @frosman13

Secondly: daily quests?
Such as collecting a certain amount of dinos or a threshold of a certain dino dna.
Spinning the supply drops ? More rewarding for vips would be nice

Thirdly: leaderboards for the battle arena ( every arena )

Fouthly: up the count of dna for every consecutive direct hit ( bit more challanging and alot more rewarding )

Feel free to add ideas and comment , opinions are needed!

ViP perks, need update

@frosman13 just a few more ideas


Add to the vip one my post :smile: for as example

Edit: i mean the link xd