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Just a few suggestions


Few suggestions that might encourage players to keep playing this game and keep collecting DNA

  • We all have those useless (or might turn out to be useful for later updates) DNA. So i think they should add the trading system concept from Jurassic World the Game. How this would work is 1st: Common for Common, Rare for Rare, and Epic for Epic, 2nd: you could choose how much you want to trade, and pick what you want to trade, and what you want in exchange for it.
  • I think the repetetiveness of the weekly events is Boring. They should make more events and not just repeat the same events. Ill start out with some ideas:
    • Cenozoics: Com: (2 days) Phorusracos, Brontotherium, Rare: (2 days) Marsupial Lion, Elasmotherium, Epic: (2 days) Smilodon
    • Arena Exclusives (Not so exclusive anymore): Com: Stygimoloch G2, Miragaia, Gallimimus, Rare: Irritator, Purrusaurus, Baryonx G2, Arambourgiana Proceratosaurus, Epic: Stygiomoloch, Alanqa
      So what do you guys think?

You forgot Pachycephalosaurus

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Yeah, I like the idea.


Trading would be very nice man. :smile: