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Just a little guide to help for the rare tournament

This week’s tournament is coming up, and while it may not be as good as the last one, it still has decent variety. As someone who knows the environment, this is to help people to do well in the tournament and succeed in the end. So this is a little tournament guide that will be similar to my personal team that will do well this weekend.

First up you want to have swappers. Swappers are an important part of the meta, and if there is one class that is king among swappers, it’s the ceratopsians. Swap-in stunning strike is the best swap-in move in the game and will appear in every tournament setting in one way or another. The 2 best swappers for this environment are going to be Nasutoceratops and Eniasuchus . Eniasuchus is more offensive while nasuto is more defensive. Eniasuchus has the classic regeneration move Dig in to get it out of sticky situations while having the ability to do some work with resilient impact and stunning strike while nasuto is more of a tank, using distraction to prolong its life. And, nasuto has the best immunity a swapper can have: immunity to pin. Other options include Dracorex and Triceratops . Triceratops is decent, but enia is better in basically every way, so don’t pick it right away. Dracorex is bulky and fast, but it can be pinned and Instant charge can actually work against a creature like that. Also, swap-in stunning strike is better than swap-in resilient strike.

To go with those 2, you want something with team synergy. There are a couple rare runners, but 3 really stand out, those being Ornithomimus, Scaphognathus, and Arambourgania . Each one of these 3 bring something unique to the table. Ornith lacks a swap-in move, but it makes up for that with high damage and speed. And rampage and run leading into a ceratopsian isn’t fun for anything on the end of that. And, you can’t pin it down, perfect for any runner. Now there is scaphognathus. Scaph is an interesting swapper because it’s a bleeder, and man is this thing a pain in the rear. Scaph can be used to set up swoop thanks to no escape and its higher speed. Scaph can also be used to prevent those swappers if you can predict them. And, it can always cleanse the pin thanks to heal. And, once scaph is really worn down, it can be a kamikaze. Finally, you have arambourgania, who can get a free swap with swap-in invincibility. Arambor can set up shields and wedge itself in there, and then leave with a rampage. And this is a creature that is built to run second, and it works well with the shields, and this could allow you to stun with a swapper second and get a free hit next turn. I would say it would be ornith and scaph over arambor, but there are areas arambor could fit in well and mess you up, so do not take it lightly. Stay away from quetz and delta

In order to prevent these swappers from taking hold, trappers are a must. The best trapper available is Purrolyth . Purrolyth has no escape, which is deadly when paired with its low speed, which means it can swap but you probably can’t. And ferocious strike is deadly on it as this basically turns its counter into greater rending counter and allows it to heal even more. Be careful though, Ludia had nerfed heal to x1.5 instead of x2, so it cannot regenerate all the way. Also purrolyth can really stick around thanks to its shield. Very solid rare to use. Other good trappers to use are Spinosaurus and someone else who will be covered soon. Spinosaurus is a trapper with team synergy. A Lethal wound plus ceratopsian usually means 1 hit on spino and a dead whatever the opponent was. This is a deadly combo and a reason to fear swap-in stunning strike. Finally, there’s a creature that doesn’t pin, but punishes you for swapping and that’s Titanoboa gen 2 . With swappers being so important, this thing can ruin anyone’s day with a clever prediction or as a general closer thanks to on escape dust cloud. It also has some good immunities that work against swap-in stunning strike as well as an immunity to pin as well. It also can stick around for some time thanks to shields every turn if it wants.

Speaking of Spinosaurus, let’s cover the best rare in the general game: Suchotator . Suchotator is a monsterous rare hybrid that is a jack-of-all-trades. It can stall with lethal wound and nullify and slow. Suchotator can just multitask for days. However, it is quite slow and this can be an issue, but it has superiority strike to work around that. Unlike most spinosaurs though, suchotator cannot pin you, so spino or such can fill a bleeder role. Spino is a team player while sucho is more of a lone wolf. But either is good.

Next up you want to look at some cunnings to deal with that bleed. I already mentioned ornithomimus, but another powerhouse of a cunning is Dilophosaurus . Great bulk (for a cunning) and a good moveset makes dilo a formidable opponent It can actually take down giraffititan on the swap-in. Another good cunning to use is the mighty Diplotator. Diplotator has a decent kit but really becomes a major threat when it sets up ferocious strike. Either one of these cunnings plus ornith will serve you well. Stay away from proceratosaurus and even kelenken. Kelenken is good, but it is so susceptible to resilient moves and it also suffers with the problems of evasive strike when counter-attackers are involved and lacks the team synergy ornith has.

Let’s move to resilients. We already covered eniasuchus which is decent on its own, but another can’t hurt. Your best bet will be Ankylocodon and Elasmotherium . Ankylocodon is a more defensive tank while elasmotherium goes on the offensive. Ankylocodon can set up shields and take them down while elasmotherium has major output while also being defensive when it wants to be. Also, they both have very good immunities. Another to consider is Giraffititan with it’s massive bulk and swap-in slow. The problems lie in the fact that it just loses to many of the other common creatures in this tournament like suchotator, eslamotherium, and purrolyth to name a few due to the very low speed. But this is a behemoth to never take lightly.

Finally, we end with some fierce creatures, and there are really only 2 to take seriously, and those are Andrewsarchus and Marsupial Lion . Andrew has the speed and pinning while marsupial lion has the bulk and counterattack. Andrew is another good trapper and can 1-2 almost everything that you’ll see in this tournament. It also denies them from leaving thanks to no escape. But it lacks the bulk its slower counterpart marsupial lion has, which comes in handy when fighting major threats like purrolyth. Also, dodgers suffer more against marsupial lion thanks to the counter, as evasive strike only dodges for 1 turn. Finally, marsupial lion can also stall with the counter to get chip damage before going for the takedown. Either one of these will make a great addition to a team.

Make sure when you look at your team it has a team that flows with each other and has some synergy. Some teams will do better with scaph over ornithomimus while other will do better with Spinosaurus over suchotator. Most of these creatures will be seen in higher end teams and you should expect to see them, so make sure you plan accordingly. Good luck to everyone


I also forgot to mention Gorgonops and Arctops for cunnings, who are also good cunnings thanks to their superb distraction abilities and extreme speed, with gorgonops outspeeding basically everything. Erlikosaurus gen 2 isn’t bad either with it’s turn 1 rampage, but arctops is faster with a bit less output and gorgonops with the double rampage in revenge rampage. Be careful of their lower hp though

1 attack actually, and I’m still not sure why they designed it that way when Distraction and Cunning Strike Distract for 2

Doedicurus also a good tanker

I meant that. That’s why ML is so good tho because only the counter dodges

Doedic is good too and I forgot him, but there are big problems like all the tank-busters out there

Come on how am I supposed to get high up if you tell everyone what to use lolol

I mean, this is just to help players with the tourney, not everyone will do this since only a fraction of JWA players are on the forums

Wow, thanks for the advice

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